Kunst in Licher Scheunen 2021 (Art Event)

Dear visitors of “Kunst in Licher Scheunen”. Thank you very much for your contribution to the naming of our artworks. We are excited about your creative suggestions and will include the names not yet chosen in the next round of voting for the upcoming works. Here follows the announcement of the results and baptism of our 10 artworks on site on Sept. 11 & 12, 2021. The artwork “Och”, which marks the beginning of our journey together, went on its way to Düsseldorf today. As a surprising, heartfelt finale, one of our little stars has added two hearts to the canvas and directly contributed a song suggestion – “Mein kleines Herz macht BAMM” (My little heart goes BAMM). The two, community works of Saturday and Sunday created by the visitors will be donated to the city of Lich and represent an expression of your creative diversity when visiting “Kunst in Licher Scheunen”. Thank you all and we look forward to our next creative journey with you.

Publication of the artworks’ titles

Image I: “Colorful Chaos”; Image II: “Moon Crater”; Image III: “Pink Splash”; Image IV: “Green Spirit”; Image V: “The Last Snow”, Image VI: “Polar Thunderstorm”; Image VII: “Queen of the Night”; Image VIII: “Fire Flower”; Image IX: “Sunday”; Image X: “The Blue Mineral”.

With the exception of “The Last Snow”, “Fire Flower” and “Sunday”, all artworks are available in the QK Gallery.

Impressions of “Kunst in Licher Scheunen” 2021

If you couldn’t make it this year, we look forward to seeing you next year. Below are some impressions of our booth in 2021.