Quynh Klaus

Artist, radiologist, RTT hypnotherapist.
Artwork: Pink Splash.
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I have committed to our future.

With ARTSCIENCE I would like to support children, teenagers and adults in their creative development. Connected together, creative & actively shaping.

The goal of ARTSCIENCE is to create an environment from small to large, where creative collaboration is encouraged.

It is not just about creating art. The future should be shaped, problems identified and solved collaboratively.

79 %

of American radiologists reported having observed a burnout symptom in themselves.¹


children are victims of sexual abuse every day. Unknown number of unreported cases.²

615 MM.

people suffer from depression and/or anxiety in 2013. 1990 it used to be 416 million.³

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.

Earl Nightingale

Getting creative with ARTSCIENCE

You as an individual are at the center of attention. We look forward to your creativity. You have all kinds of options: